I'm having a great time living with my host family. They really take care of me like a family member, give me good advice, good food and also trips to the beach and the supermarket which I enjoy so much. I am really grateful to have such a great environment to live in and be able to focus on my studies. I am having a blast experiencing  British Culture.

• Why did you choose to come and study in the UK?

I wanted to explore a new culture and to mature in the process of studying abroad, the UK offers excellent academic courses and a safe, exciting environment for young adults.

• How have you found studying English?

I have been studying English since I was a child so I feel comfortable expressing myself in English; but it is a great challenge for me to take English Literature as a first language subject, in which I have to be able to understand and interpret literature works in depth. Through English, I appreciate the language even more, I discover a new exciting world of global culture and knowledge, reflect on myself as a student and reader of literature. It also helps with my other subjects, improve my ability to converse confidently in English.

• In what ways do you think you have changed since coming to a UK school?

I have definitely matured as a person: I know how to take care of myself and others around me, be more independent; and also made a lot of good friends.

• What do you hope to study at University?

After the IB, I wish to study Management or Marketing at one of the top universities in the UK. I’m also interested in fashion merchandising.

• What is unique about Westbourne?

Westbourne offers an international environment, vibrant, also family-like, friendly and caring. 
Because of small-sized classes and an excellent team of staff, each student is well-taken care of, both academically and intellectually.

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