There are 3 ways in which Vietnamese students can study in the USA although the state college option applies only to one state.


1. A 1 – year Cultural Exchange program on a J1 visa (from Year 10 or 11 in Vietnam)

  1. Very low cost, state schools.
  2. Students stay with a host family.
  3. They cannot choose the school or region.
  4. They must return after 1 year or change to an F1 visa to continue.
  5. They may not be able to graduate from High School on a J1 Visa.


2. Private High Schools (F1 visa)

  1. Students can go at any age from around 12.
  2. Schools available all over the country.
  3. Prices start at around $25,000 per year for tuition and accommodation but the average price is around $32,000.
  4. Most are day schools with host families. Few have boarding.
  5. Not all offer ESL.
  6. Specialist university preparation schools also available with boarding (age 15+).


3. Public High Schools (F visa)

  1. Offers grades from 9 – 12 (age 15-18).
  2. Schools available all over the country.
  3. Host family accommodation.
  4. Cheaper than private schools.
  5. Students have the same benefits as American students.


4. Community Colleges (Washington State only)

  1. A few colleges offer special 1 year high school graduation programmes to international students aged under 18.
  2. Students may apply to university or take their 2 year Diploma at the College as well.


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