Nguyen was educated in the former Soviet Union and is a tri-lingual interpreter and translator of Vietnamese-Russian-English. She has a PhD in Russian Literature and a Bachelors degree in English and was for many years Senior Lecturer in Russian Studies at the Hanoi University. Nguyen set up The Education Company with Jacky Dyer in 2002. Since then she has achieved a Distinction in the first British Council UK Counsellor exam and has visited the UK almost every year to do research and develop TEC’s partnerships. Nguyen has also travelled widely in Ireland and Europe, the US, Australia, New Zealand, North and South Africa and South-East and East Asia, and has  participated in a number of education conferences in this region.

As Director of TEC, Nguyen is based in the Hanoi office and her main role is liaison between Vietnamese clients and overseas institutions. She is an experienced counsellor and presenter at events and information sessions, and she has responsibility for training staff and monitoring all translation work done inside the company.

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