Our Counsellors
All TEC counsellors are fully trained to give professional advice and to provide a wide range of services. They are supported by the Management team who have higher degrees themselves and backgrounds in education. Both Management and Counsellors travel regularly to our partner institutions’ countries to meet staff and students in their home locations, and have first hand experience of the study and accommodation conditions there.


When you are ready to start applying, we ask you to sign our client contract with us. This is our guarantee of our service and clearly states the responsibilities on both sides during this process. It is there to protect your interests and to ensure that there are no misunderstandings. We will only offer to sign a contract with you if we are sure that you are a genuine student, that you have appropriate financial support and that your visa application has a high probability of being granted.


Support For Application
We will apply to a maximum of three institutions in the first instance. The procedure will be slightly different for each country / type of institution, but you will need to have these documents ready:

  1. Your passport
  2. Your latest academic record / transcript / certificate of any completed levels of education with official translation in English.
  3. Any English language certificates you have for tests taken in the last 2 years (you may also need to take another English test in order to qualify for entry)
  4. Some proof of you / your parents’ finances to show you have enough money to pay the fees and living costs
  5. Also possibly, high school students: if you are required to take in-house English or Maths tests, we can arrange for this to be done in our offices and the tests forwarded to the institutions.
  6. Personal statement
  7. Reference(s): you may need one or more references from a former teacher or employer.


Support for Personal Statement
Our native English speaking manager, and qualified teacher, Jacky Dyer, will check your personal statement and give you constructive feedback. She will also check that your references are appropriate and fit the purpose.


Managing Your Offers
After submitting your applications we will start receiving offers for you. There are two kinds of offer:

  1. Unconditional offer: this is an offer which has no conditions attached to it. Once you confirm acceptance, you will receive the letter which allows you to apply for a visa.
  2. Conditional offer: you will need to fulfill certain conditions before you can be fully accepted. These may be academic (English level, academic grade) or financial – you may need to pay a deposit first.


Once you decide to accept an offer, you will need to fulfill all the conditions and pay part or all of your fees before you can get a Confirmation of Acceptance letter which will allow you to apply for a visa.

We can help and advise you on how to pay your deposit or fees via the bank or online.

We will manage all the communications with the institution(s) for you and help you to get the best offer possible which meets your needs. If you do not get a satisfactory outcome from your first round of applications, we can make further applications on your behalf.


Support for Scholarships
We can help you apply for scholarships at your target school or university by supervising any scholarship tests required, arranging skype or face to face interviews with representatives of the institution, checking your scholarship statement, completing paperwork and ensuring that scholarship applications are received within the deadlines.

Each year The Education Company has many students who win prestigious scholarships and the range of scholarships we have from our partners, and our experience in providing support is excellent.


Support for Visa
TEC has 13 years’ experience in helping students and visitors apply for visas to our study destination countries, and a very high success rate. Our visa support staff are well trained and all applications are double checked by our management team. TEC has good relations with the visa offices of the countries we apply to, and an excellent reputation.

We can also help and advise you if you have had a previous study visa rejection by drafting an appeal or preparing a new application, depending on your circumstances.

We will put together your visa application and all the supporting documents ready for you to submit at the appropriate office, and will track your application (where possible) to ensure that no further documents are required.


Pre-Departure Support
Alongside the visa, there are still many things to do to prepare for your overseas trip. We help you book your accommodation, your guardianship (for under 18’s, if necessary) your travel and your airport pickup on arrival. We can brief you on what clothes and accessories to take from Vietnam, and what to buy on arrival. We can put you in contact with other students at the same institution who can give you helpful information on what to prepare.


Support During Your Studies
Our support continues until the end of your study period. We maintain contact with the institution, and with your family. We help with translation of academic reports, with invoices and any other communications relating to your studies.

Before you finish your studies, we are also ready to help you with the next stage of your education and can arrange for you to apply to higher studies from where you are.s, we are ready to help you apply.


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