1. Make Contact
You can connect us with initially in any way- by attending an event, emailing, web enquiry or telephone, but in order to counsel you effectively we need to meet you face to face. You may come to our offices at any time, but in order to ensure that you get our undivided attention, it is always better to make an appointment.

When you come to one of our friendly offices, in Hanoi or HCMC, you will be assigned to an experienced counsellor who will start the process of creating your study plan.

All TEC’s partners are quality institutions 100% approved and accredited in their country of origin and with an established track record of providing support for international students.


2. Understand Your Options
In order to find the best solution for you, we need to look at a wide range of details about you such as:

  1. Your current study level
  2. Your study history
  3. Your academic ability
  4. Your level of English
  5. Your subject preferences
  6. Your future career plans
  7. Your study budget
  8. Your country preferences

You should bring with you your latest study report, certificates, transcripts, any English language certificates you have taken in the last 2 years and your passport.

When we have built up a picture of you and fully understand what you are looking for, we can start to make recommendations. Our highly experienced managers are both educators and qualified counselors and can offer you career guidance as well as helping you to find the best course.


3. Make Your Choice
It isn’t always easy to make a final choice. There may be many factors you need to consider. It is important to use all the tools available to get as much information as possible before deciding. Just asking a friend is not good enough. We will help you to access a wide range of information to make careful comparisons and understand the full situation. Our aim is to help you get the best match for your abilities, future career and family budget. We can arrange skype chats or interviews with institutional representatives, help you apply for any available scholarships, put you in touch with alumni of a particular institution, or their families. If you plan to visit the country before
making a final choice, we can also arrange a guided tour of institutions for you.

When you have made your choice or choices, we are ready to help you apply.



Let us provide you with

Professional Support & Guidance

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