If you are looking for a high quality UK degree but don’t want to spend up to 3 or 4 years in the UK, or can’t afford UK fees and living costs, this information is for you.



  1. In the UK/European Top 30 and top 1% of universities worldwide
  2. Awarded Gold Standard in the UK Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)
  3. No 8 in the UK for Research Power (UK Research Excellence Framework 2014)
  4. 3 global campuses (UK, Malaysia, China) totally owned and controlled by the University of Nottingham UK, offering exactly the same curricula and high quality teaching and research
  5. Member of Universitas 21 group of research universities worldwide
  6. Over 34,000 students recruited for the UK campus in 2017/18; over 4,500 for Malaysia Campus and over 7,000 for China Campus
  7. 25% of students on UK campus are international


FEE COMPARISON (international student fee rates at all campuses per year. Note that PG taught courses are 12 months)




University of Nottingham Malaysia

By attending a global university and experiencing one or more of its non-UK campuses, students can:

  1. Save up to 60% of the cost of studying in the UK.
  2. Choose to spend part of their degree in the UK if they wish (one semester  “exchange”– same costs as China/Malaysia campus; one or more years “transfer” UK costs).
  3. Switch between China and Malaysia campuses and experience different cultures.
  4. Get exactly the same degree with the same curriculum and degree certificate as in the UK.
  5. Get the same Nottingham quality teaching and assessment experience at all 3 campuses.

The Nottingham advantage works particularly well for students based in Asia who want to be able to go home easily for family visits, holidays etc. 



China Campus:

  1. up to 50% of first year fee for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  2. Up to 100% of tuition fees for students from Taiwan.
  3. Automatic 10% of first year fees for Universitas 21 Alumni.

For more information click here.


Malaysia Campus:

  1. Automatic 25% tuition fee scholarships for High Achievers at Foundation and Undergraduate level (1 year only).
  2. Dean’s Excellence Scholarships- 25% awarded for top performing students at the end of each academic year from Foundation – Undergraduate Year 2 for the next year’s  study.
  3. Alumni Scholarship- 10% of tuition fees for one year for students returning to Nottingham to start a new programme.
  4. Automatic 10% of first year fees for Universitas 21 Alumni.
  5. Arts and Social Sciences Scholarship: 25% of tuition fees on taught postgraduate programmes in this Faculty.
  6. Developing Solutions Scholarships: 100% of tuition fees on taught postgraduate programmes for students from developing nations in Science, Technology and Education.

For more information click here.


To apply for any of these scholarships please contact us as soon as possible as deadlines are close.


  1. Floor 3, 28 Nguyen Thi Dieu, Ward 6, District 3
  2. (028) 2210 2126/ 7
  3. tec-hcm@tec.edu.vn


  1. Floor 5, 144 Doi Can, Ba Dinh
  2. (024) 3766 4523/ 53
  3. info@tec.edu.vn


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