The role of an education agent is both to help overseas institutions recruit students from their market, and to help students in that market find suitable overseas courses and institutions.

There are two basic approaches to these tasks depending on whether the education agent perceives its clients to be overseas institutions or students and parents.

Agents that identify with Institution-as-Client approach tend to work with targets and try to find as many students as possible for their client institutions in return for bonus commissions based on volume.

On the other hand, agents favouring the Student-as-Client approach work with their clients to try to find the best overseas study programme and institution to match their academic level, their budget, their personality and their aspirations. They do not tell their clients to choose a particular institution because of the commission they can earn on that application. They work in the interests of their clients- the students and their parents.

TEC favours the Student-as-Client approach. We believe that happy, successful students are the best way to promote overseas education. Because of that, our clients return time and time again and bring their family members and friends to us. We also believe this is better for our partners since we will only recommend students to them who fit their profile and who are likely to stay and complete their courses successfully.


What Does That Mean For You As Our Education Partners?

Firstly, it means that, in order to identify potential applicants for you we screen all our students and only recommend institutions that are a good fit for them. We won’t send you applications we are certain you will reject.

Secondly, it means that while we will do our best to develop strategies that help you recruit students, we cannot guarantee that we can find students for you or meet a target. Once the student and their family are equipped with all the information they need, the choice of institution is their decision alone.

However, once the student has chosen your institution we will do everything possible to ensure that they are briefed very carefully about the terms and conditions of the agreements they sign with you. We make sure that their parents have the financial means to send their children to you before they commit, and that they understand clearly what is expected of them.

We also act as intermediaries between the institution and the family to help solve any problems that may arise. We will never suggest a student should change schools midway through their programme, for example, (unless, of course, they have a serious reason for doing so).

TEC does work on a commission basis because we do not want to make our clients pay large amounts of money for our services. Our fees are transparent and relate only to specific services we provide locally. For some countries (the UK, Australia), there are no service fees at all, in line with accepted practice in the sector.


If you have any questions or concerns about working with us, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

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