We provide student counselling, testing and year-round marketing for all our partner institutions on our website and Facebook fan page free of charge. Our staff can also attend fairs and exhibitions organised by third party organizations with your representatives in Hanoi and HCMC, subject to availability.

Other services we can provide are as follows. Please contact us to ask for a quotation.

  1. Printing promotional materials- brochures, flyers, posters, standees etc.
  2. Translation of promotional materials and other documents
  3. Organisation of seminars, meetings, meals, talks etc. in public venues in Vietnam
  4. Digital Marketing Campaigns for specific promotions/events
  5. Providing staff or trained assistants to accompany your representatives to other cities to attend fairs, seminars etc.


Please note that we do not organise visits to local (state) high schools –– for very specific reasons:

  1. The top Vietnamese high schools are inundated with requests from agents and overseas institutions asking to visit in order to promote their programmes and recruit students. This means it has become very difficult to organise such a visit.
  2. A visit disrupts the school day and is not relevant to the majority of students in each class.
  3. The practice of setting up stands during the lunch break in schools has also proven not to be so effective because firstly, it is the parents who are the clients, and if they are not there, talking to the students is not all that helpful; secondly, students are sometimes reluctant to engage in talk about overseas study in front of their classmates; and thirdly, they may have other things they want to do in their lunch break.
  4. The leading high schools in the country are proactive in setting up their own overseas study centres and working as agents, therefore they don’t welcome other agents.


We have in the past organised visits to one or two international schools and to a private school outside HCMC, but there is no guarantee that such visits are possible in the future.


We can organise visits to our offices for your representatives to meet prospective students and parents.  This involves:

  1. Digital marketing campaign to advertise the visit.
  2. Provision of laptop, projector and staff member to translate (if necessary).
  3. Registering contact details of those who respond/attend.
  4. Following up all potential applicants.

Please contact us to ask for a quotation.

These are usually held in an external venue, such as a hotel, or, in some cases, a Vietnamese institution, and might be for one or more institutions to communicate information to the public and to promote programmes, scholarships, or to have an invited guest speaker talk on a specific topic of interest to potential students. This involves:

  1. Booking the venue.
  2. Digital marketing campaign to advertise the event.
  3. Provision of laptop, projector and staff member to translate (if necessary).
  4. Registering contact details of those who respond/attend.
  5. Following up all potential applicants.


Please contact us to ask for a quotation.


We organise our own fairs for the UK on a regular basis (usually November/March-April) and will invite you to participate for a fixed rate if you are on our mailing list.

We may do the same thing for other countries according to demand from partners. You may also request that we organise a fair on your behalf – and either invite suggested institutions or organise it for a closed group managed by you. We have an events management team for this purpose and can offer a broad range of supporting services:

  1. Hiring venues.
  2. Contact with your local partner institutions.
  3. Digital Marketing.
  4. Designing, translating, printing, distributing promotional materials.
  5. Mass emailing.
  6. Pre-registration via our website.
  7. On-site testing facilities and staff.
  8. Transport to venues outside Hanoi or HCMC.
  9. Training and hiring additional assistants/interpreters.


Please contact us to ask for a quotation.


We organise paper and online tests in our offices under proper test conditions and hold all your confidential test materials securely. We also arrange Skype interviews from our offices (unless they take place out of office hours).

For quick screening we can give students generic tests such as the Oxford Placement test, plus an essay, which is marked by an experienced teacher and IELTS examiner.

We can arrange face to face interviews for your representatives with students and parents in our offices Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 6.00 pm and 8.30 – 12.00 on Saturdays.


Introduction For New Potential Partners

Vietnam is a very price-sensitive market and bright students expect scholarships for high school programmes. To channel their expectations, TEC runs an annual UK Schools Scholarship Scheme whereby students can apply to any of our UK Schools’ Scholarships throughout the recruitment cycle and receive updates and information about available awards.  

TEC works with boarding schools, independent colleges and state colleges offering secondary and high school programmes to international students.

The advantage for new partners joining us during the year is that information about their programmes and scholarships is automatically added to our email updates, website and Facebook fan page so that students already in the system can start applying immediately. We keep all their test results and school records in our database and forward them on to schools the students express interest in.

This does not mean, however, that schools are guaranteed to get students without visiting the market. It can take up to 3 years for a school to establish itself in the market in Vietnam and usually requires at least one visit per year with face to face contact to start a flow of students. TEC can advise potential new partners on the best strategy to enter the market and can provide a market intelligence briefing in advance.


TEC provides standard market briefings to its partners during the year, often during their visits, and can respond to specific questions about the Vietnam market at any time.  

For more detailed information about any aspect of the market in Vietnam for overseas study or transnational education, TEC Senior Consultant, Jacky Dyer, can undertake a study and write a report. Jacky has worked extensively in the Vietnam education sector as an education consultant for a wide variety of organizations such as The British Council, UK Universities, SEAMEO-RETRAC, and The World Bank as well as being an experienced English language teacher and teacher trainer.

For more information on Market Intelligence products, please contact Jacky directly at jdyer@tec.edu.vn 

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