Scholar, Rossall School, UK

I chose to study in the UK because I wanted to gain a well-respected education and also explore the cutural experience that this country has to offer. With excellent support from TEC Vietnam and a scholarship from Rossall School, my transition from a Vietnamese high school to a British boarding school has laid to a solid platform for my academic future.

At Rossall, I have gained numerous GCSE's qualifications and a prestigious international Baccalaureate diploma. Outside the classroom, my favourite part about boarding life is the sheer amount of responsibilities you are given in the house as well as at shool. Being chosen for two leadership roles that are School Monitor and Deputy House Captain during my final Sixth Form year has allowed me to find a balance between academic and social life, an extremely important quality as I imagine.

About the IB - I believe the decision to partake the IB should not lie in the questions of "how is it better than A-levels / other qualifications?" but rather "is the IB right for me?". Different people possess different set of skills and learning preferences. As someone who is more comfortable with a breath of subjects rather than depth itself, the academic program suited me really well. CAS, on another note, inspired me to become more pro-active in social services on a regular basis. Looking back now, I think it was crucial to be introduced to this component of life so early on as it truly set IB graduates apart as global citizens of the future.

Parent of Tran Ngoc Thien Phu, trường Royal Wolverhampton

Last academic year 2013 - 2014, we sent our son to the UK, which we feel is the best education system in the world. We were very happy because our son got a scholarship from The Royal Wolverhampton School, one of the best high schools in the UK. This is the first time we let our son study away from home to begin a new life in a new country which is 10,000 km away from Vietnam.

Therefore we were worried, especially as my son was only thirteen years old. However, when we got to the UK, we were warmly welcomed by the school, and found the students were very well-behaved and polite. They helped my son a lot and that enabled him to adapt very quickly.

We would also like to thank TEC for their sincere support in  explaining  and giving detailed information and advice  for our son’s study adventure in the UK.

Student, Westbourne School

I'm having a great time living with my host family. They really take care of me like a family member, give me good advice, good food and also trips to the beach and the supermarket which I enjoy so much. I am really grateful to have such a great environment to live in and be able to focus on my studies. I am having a blast experiencing  British Culture.

• Why did you choose to come and study in the UK?

I wanted to explore a new culture and to mature in the process of studying abroad, the UK offers excellent academic courses and a safe, exciting environment for young adults.

• How have you found studying English?

I have been studying English since I was a child so I feel comfortable expressing myself in English; but it is a great challenge for me to take English Literature as a first language subject, in which I have to be able to understand and interpret literature works in depth. Through English, I appreciate the language even more, I discover a new exciting world of global culture and knowledge, reflect on myself as a student and reader of literature. It also helps with my other subjects, improve my ability to converse confidently in English.

• In what ways do you think you have changed since coming to a UK school?

I have definitely matured as a person: I know how to take care of myself and others around me, be more independent; and also made a lot of good friends.

• What do you hope to study at University?

After the IB, I wish to study Management or Marketing at one of the top universities in the UK. I’m also interested in fashion merchandising.

• What is unique about Westbourne?

Westbourne offers an international environment, vibrant, also family-like, friendly and caring. 
Because of small-sized classes and an excellent team of staff, each student is well-taken care of, both academically and intellectually.

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