There are three types of high school that Vietnamese students can enter. All allow students to progress to university.


1. Boarding Schools

  1. Up to around 25% international students - the others are UK.
  2. Not for profit.
  3. International students can go at any age up to 18.
  4. Academically excellent - students go to top universities.
  5. Educate the “whole person” - not just academically.
  6. Wide range of facilities for sciences, Art & Design, Music, Sport and games.
  7. Students live on campus.


2. Independent Colleges

  1. Over 80% international students.
  2. Focused mostly on academic results and entry to top universities.
  3. May offer either boarding or host family accommodation.
  4. Take students from age 14.
  5. Usually offer 1 year IGCSE and 5 term A Levels.
  6. Some also offer International Foundation courses.
  7. English language courses year-round.


3. State Sixth Form Colleges / Colleges of Further Education.

  1. Government colleges.
  2. Accept only international students aged 16+.
  3. Much lower fees than private schools.
  4. High quality teaching – student can enter top universities.
  5. Wide range of subjects.
  6. Students usually live with host families.
  7. Also offer International Foundation courses.
  8. English language courses year-round.




Boarding Schools

  • Bournemouth Collegiate School
  • Padworth College
  • Queen Ethelburga's
  • Tettenhall College
  • Chase Grammar School
  • The Royal Wolverhampton School
  • Warminster School
  • Hampshire Collegiate School
  • Rossall School
  • Westbourne School
  • Monkton Combe School
  • Taunton International Study Centre
  • Lime House School

Independent Colleges

  • Abbey DLD Colleges
  • Cardiff Sixth Form College
  • Kings Colleges
  • Astrum Education
  • CATS Colleges
  • INTO A Levels- Newton
  • Ashbourne Independent Sixth Form College London
  • D'Overbroeck's College Oxford
  • Oxford Tutorial College
  • Ealing Independent College London

State Colleges

  • Bournemouth & Poole College
  • John Leggott College
  • Wakefield College
  • Brockenhurst College
  • Llandrillo Menai College
  • Westminster Kingsway College
  • Hartpury College
  • Sussex Downs College


There are 3 ways in which Vietnamese students can study in the USA although the state college option applies only to one state.


1. A 1 - year Cultural Exchange programme on a J1 visa (from Year 10 or 11 in Vietnam)

  1. Very low cost, state schools.
  2. Students stay with a host family.
  3. They cannot choose the school or region.
  4. They must return after 1 year or change to an F1 visa to continue.
  5. They may not be able to graduate from High School on a J1 Visa.


2. Private High Schools (F1 visa)

  1. Students can go at any age from around 12.
  2. Schools available all over the country.
  3. Prices start at around $25,000 per year for tuition and accommodation but the average price is around $32,000.
  4. Most are day schools with host families. Few have boarding.
  5. Not all offer ESL.
  6. Specialist university preparation schools also available with boarding (age 15+).


3. Public High Schools (F1 visa)

  1. Offers grades from 9 – 12 (age 15-18).
  2. Schools available all over the country.
  3. Host family accommodation.
  4. Cheaper than private schools.
  5. Students have the same benefits as American students.


4. Community Colleges (Washington State only)

  1. A few colleges offer special 1 year high school graduation programmes to international students aged under 18.
  2. Students may apply to university or take their 2 year Diploma at the College as well.


Private High Schools

  • 3W Group Schools
  • CATS Academy Boston
  • Kings High School Completion Programs
  • Access American Education (AAE) Schools
  • Global Intellectuals (GLINT) Group Schools
  • Student Services International (TALK)
  • American University Preparatory School, Los Angeles
  • INTO High Schools
  • International Student Education Services Inc (ISES)

Cultural Exchange (J1 Visa)

  • Global Intellectuals (GLINT) Group Schools

State College, High School, Completion Year

  • Edmonds College WA
  • Green River College WA

  • Central Seattle College WA


There are 2 types of high school available to Vietnamese students in Canada - state schools and private high schools. There is not a huge difference in price and both offer high quality education. All schools offer the Canadian high school curriculum of their province and some may also offer the International Baccalaureate. 


It is worth noting that in Quebec province, French is either required to enter the school or a compulsory subject.


1. State High Schools:

  • Available in every town in every province.
  • Students live with host families.
  • Very reasonable prices.
  • High quality of education.
  • Good, well-rounded social life for international students.


2. Private High Schools

  • Have a higher number of international students.
  • May offer boarding or homestay.
  • May offer extra English language programmes.
  • May be more expensive than state schools (depending on their region and the facilities offered) although often the difference is very small.
  • May offer smaller classes than in state schools.

Canadian State Schools

  • Toronto District School Board, ON
  • Coquitlam District School Board, BC
  • Calgary Board of Education, AB
  • Surrey Hills District School Board, BC
  • Pembina Trails School Board, MB
  • New Brunswick International Student Program NB
  • Vancouver School Board, BC
  • Saskatoon District School Board, SK
  • Nova Scotia International Student Program, NS

Canadian Private Schools

  • Birmingham International College, ON
  • Bodwell College, BC
  • Columbia International College, ON
  • Upper Madison College High School, ON


Vietnamese students may choose to attend 2 types of school in Australia: state or private. However, the private sector is quite varied with both boarding and day schools, schools offering the Australian state curriculum or the International Baccalaureate and schools catering more for international students seeking to enter top universities.


State Schools

  1. Very reasonable cost.
  2. Some offer the International Baccalaureate.
  3. Available in every city in every state.
  4. Students live with host families.
  5. Classes may be larger than in private schools.
  6. In some popular cities and districts there may be a high number of Vietnamese students.


Private Schools

  1. Some offer boarding.
  2. Many have special facilities - such as bridging courses for students who need extra English or subject knowledge.
  3. Some offer the International Baccalaureate.
  4. Some schools focus on academic results and entry to top universities.
  5. The cost is much higher than for state schools.


Australian Private Schools

  • St Paul's International College , NSW
  • John Paul International College, QLD
  • Taylor's College
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