In addition to the Medical Pathway programme offered by DIFC in Dublin and which articulates to medical universities in the Czech Republic and Lithuania, there are 2 other significant European pathway routes available to Vietnamese students wishing to study in the Netherlands or Sweden.

Like the Netherlands, Sweden is a safe and economically stable country where English has high priority and many degrees are taught in English. The very high academic quality of courses  (universities rank in the World Top 200), the possibilities of work on graduation and the excellent quality of life make both the Netherlands and Sweden very attractive study destinations for Vietnamese students.


The Netherlands

All Vietnamese students who have completed Year 12 in Vietnam and want to study a 3 year bachelor degree through English in the Netherlands must do a 1 year International Foundation programme. There are 2 centres offering programmes available which articulate to a total of 8 leading Dutch universities:

1. Holland International Study Centre, Amsterdam

  1. International Foundation Year in Business & Management
  2. International Foundation Year in Science & Engineering


2. CEG OnCampus Amsterdam (at the University of Amsterdam)

a) Leading to the University of Amsterdam:

  1. Undergraduate Foundation in Economics & Management
  2. Undergraduate Foundation in Actuarial Science
  3. Undergraduate Foundation in Econometrics & Operations Research

b)  Leading to the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

  1. Undergraduate Foundation for Politics, Psychology, Law & Economics (PPLE) degrees
  2. An English Language Pre-Masters course is also available at the Holland International Study Centre with progression to the 2 -year  MSc and MBA at 3 Dutch Universities.



Vietnamese students can enter Year 1 of a 4 year Bachelors  degree in Sweden provided they have the necessary English language and academic levels. There are 2 pathway programmes available for students who do not qualify for entry to 4 year undergraduate or 1-2 year Masters courses taught in English.

1. Undergraduate and Masters pathway in English and/or Maths and Study Skills – summer course, 1 semester course or 1 year course, leading to all Bachelors and Masters programmes at Jonkoping University.

2. Pre-Masters pathway at On Campus Lund Sweden- 2 or 3 term programme leading to a very wide range of Science and Engineering and Architecture Masters courses at Lund University.



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