As information about scholarships changes very frequently, this is a general guide to what is currently available in each country. For the latest information, please check updates posted on News and Events and contact TEC directly for further details and information on applying.






Who can get a scholarship?

Scholarships awarded are usually academic. Students need a minimum GPA of 7.5 - 8.0 with strong English (IELTS 5.0 + for students aged 14 - 15 and IELTS 5.5+ for students aged 16 - 17).
Some scholarships may also be awarded for exceptional achievement in Sport, Music or Performance Arts.


How to apply for a scholarship?

Each school has its own scholarship test – some schools ask for Maths and English tests, sometimes even for Non-Verbal Reasoning tests. You will usually also have to write an essay and have an interview in person or by Skype with a school representative.

The Education Company runs its own UK Schools Scholarship Scheme each year, which allows students to register in the system for the whole year, and make multiple applications, sometimes using the same test results.


What can you expect?

  1. Boarding Schools: up to 50% of the combined tuition and boarding fee.

NB: Very exceptionally a boarding school may have a special 100% scholarship for outstanding students, but this is not every year.

  1. Independent Colleges: up to 50% of tuition fees.
  2. State Colleges: up to 50% of tuition fees.



What does the scholarship not cover?

  1. Boarding Schools: in addition to any remaining fees, you still have to pay for uniform, guardianship, pocket money, extra trips / excursions and examination fees unless the school specifically states that any of these are included.
  2. Independent Colleges: in addition to any remaining fees you must pay for accommodation, meals, pocket money, transport (if necessary). You should note that many independent colleges have extremely expensive luxury accommodation which costs more than the tuition fees. Sometimes cheaper homestay options are available, but check the overall costs before accepting a scholarship.
  3. State Colleges: in addition to any remaining fees you have to pay for tuition, you will need to cover living costs of around £8,000 per year



Tips for Students and Parents

  1. All UK school scholarships which are awarded for the full length of study are conditional on satisfactory study results and good behaviour and attendance. Scholarships can be removed if the student does not meet these requirements.

  2. Do your calculations very carefully. The higher the percentage of scholarship offered, the higher the fees and living costs may be. Make sure you know exactly how much you will have to pay and that you can afford it before accepting a scholarship.

  3. Attend one of TEC’s UK Schools Information Sessions – this will give you the chance to meet parents of students who have already gone to the UK to study and to get a lot of useful information about UK Schools and how the Scholarship Scheme works.





Who can get a scholarship?

Scholarships are based on academic performance, and it helps if you also have English at a level above entry requirements when you apply. You will usually have to write an essay. Some institutions will only offer scholarships to students who can meet all the entry requirements at the moment of application, so it is better to be well prepared.

Some universities have special scholarships for certain countries, including Vietnam. Sometimes this is in the form of a bursary – ie all Vietnamese students who are accepted onto a course will get this amount. Otherwise you will have to compete for it.


How are Scholarships awarded?
Some scholarships are awarded automatically to candidates who have above entry requirements, but usually there is some kind of scholarship competition and results are announced later.

TEC can give you advice on which scholarships are more widely available or easier to get.


What can you expect?

  1. Pathways: some pathway providers offer up to 100% of tuition fees for one year, especially on less popular courses such as Science, Technology and Engineering programmes. There are many types of scholarship available on all pathway programmes (Foundation, Diploma, Pre-Master’s) and on all subjects. Shop around to get the best deal.

  2. Undergraduate: many universities offer scholarships up to a maximum of 50% of tuition fees on undergraduate courses – usually the courses where they have more available places. It is more difficult to get UG scholarships for Business, Finance and Economics than for other subjects. Amounts of £1,000 - £3,000 per year are common – sometimes awarded automatically. These are available to Vietnamese students applying from Pathways or through UCAS from UK high school programmes (A Levels and IB).

    TIP: Universities often have special awards of up to 100% of tuition and living costs for exceptionally brilliant students applying to undergraduate from UK high school programmes.

  3. Postgraduate Taught: up to 100% of tuition fees is available, although these are difficult to get and not widely available. All other amounts are available and most UK universities have some sort of scholarship scheme, sometimes with special awards for Vietnamese students. £1,000 - £3,000 are common, often awarded automatically if you meet or exceed entry requirements.

  4. Postgraduate Research: there are many sources of funding available for PhD programmes and they depend on your research project. You should shop around to find out what is available in your field. It is often possible to get full or partial scholarships for PhD programmes if you did the Masters at the same university.




High Schools: individual high schools may offer scholarships to attract very bright students, but these are quite rare.
CATS Academy Boston is our main high school scholarship awarding partner.

Community Colleges: scholarships are occasionally offered by Colleges and the amount depends on each one, but it is not a common practice.

Degree Transfer Special Programmes in Community Colleges: TEC’s new partner University Bridge is offering a scholarship to launch recruitment from Vietnam for January 2017.

Pathway Programmes: scholarships are often available for pathways – INTO, Kaplan and Navitas all offer scholarships for their partner programmes. These are based on academic ability and there is an application procedure for this.

University Programmes: some private universities which recruit students directly from Vietnam offer scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (usually up to about $5,000) based on academic ability and an application. Most US universities, however, have a system of awarding financial assistance which is better accessed from within the US. Applying from outside is more difficult. Students who go to high school in the USA or who enroll on degree transfer programmes have a better chance of getting access to the many types of scholarship available.




Scholarships are rare in Canada because fees are kept at reasonable levels and the state does not offer financial incentives. There may occasionally be special scholarships offered by some schools or colleges in order to attract Vietnamese students, but this is not on a regular basis and should not be expected.




High Schools: individual private high schools may offer scholarships, but the public schools do not.

TEC’s partners St. Paul’s International College and Taylor’s College offer scholarships of up to AUD$5,000 to Vietnamese students.

Colleges and Pathways: private colleges sometimes offer incentives (usually max. AUD$5,000) but government colleges (TAFEs) do not.

Universities: universities generally do not offer scholarships.




TEC’S main partner in Ireland, Dundalk Institute of Technology, offers an automatic €1,000 discount to all Vietnamese students and an additional €1,000 for students with a GPA of above 7.5 and English at IELTS 6.0+. DkIT also offers FREE accommodation on campus to all Vietnamese students who study on a 3 or 4 year course. This further reduces costs by €2,000 per year.

Other institutions in Ireland do not yet offer scholarships.




Both TEC’s Swedish partners offer scholarships. Jönköping University offers 30% of tuition fees on all degree courses, and Lund University is offering a 50% scholarship on its Pre-Masters courses in Engineering for the 2016 - 2017 intake.




There are currently no scholarships available at any of our Netherlands pathways.


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