Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to make a change, choosing the right job is one of the biggest decisions we make. The annual Canadian Business Best Jobs ranking compiles comprehensive data on salaries, qualifications, and employment prospects to point you toward some of the fields with the highest pay and greatest potential. Of course, no ranking can tell you the best job for you personally — but it can point you toward some intriguing opportunities. Explore the Top 10 ranked careers on their list below.

Top 10 best job in Canada 2016

10/ Engineering Manager

  1. Median Salary: $100,006
  2. Salary Growth (2009–2015): +10%
  3. Total Employees: 24,100
  4. Change in Employees (2009–2015): +17%

Engineering Managers are typically hired to oversee the engineering department of a company or an engineering consulting firm. They evaluate the products and operations of an engineering department and set the procedures and standards engineers must adhere in their technical work. Engineering managers also deal with the firm’s clients and are expected to explain proposals and present engineering findings.


Top 09 job in Canada 2016 - Financial Manager9/ Financial Manager

  1. Median Salary: $97,074
  2. Salary Growth (2009–2015): +21%
  3. Total Employees: 19,900
  4. Change in Employees (2009–2015): +17%

This group of managers are employed by insurance companies, real estate firms, stockbrokers and security exchanges. They are responsible for business development and ensuring their team meets the established objectives. You need a university degree in business administration or a finance-related discipline to enter the field. Then, it’s about accumulating experience in the particular industry you’re interested in to be considered for a management role.

Top 08 job in Canada 2016 - oil-gas-well-operator8/ Oil & Gas Well Operator

  1. Median Salary: $72,800
  2. Salary Growth (2009–2015): +17%
  3. Total Employees: 19,600
  4. Change in Employees (2009–2015): +47%

This category of workers include drillers, servicers and testers who operate and maintain the rigs that are the lifeblood of Canada’s energy industry. Some operators are on call 24 hours a day, and often work in remote locations for long stretches of time. If you aspire to work on (higher-paying) offshore rigs, you’d need several years of land experience in the same position before you can make the transition.

Top 7 job in Canada 2016 - Software engineer

7/ Software Engineer

  1. Median Salary: $88,005
  2. Salary Growth (2009–2015): +17%
  3. Total Employees: 42,400
  4. Change in Employees (2009–2015): +60%

Software engineers have one of the most in-demand skills right now: the ability to code. They spend their days writing snippets of code on their computers to develop applications that millions of people could potentially use. Logically-minded individuals with a love for computer and software would fare well in this field. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering is required.


Top 6 job in Canada 2016 -construction-manager

6/ Construction Manager

  1. Median Salary: $79,997
  2. Salary Growth (2009–2015): +15%
  3. Total Employees: 46,400
  4. Change in Employees (2009–2015): +26%

Construction managers are employed by construction companies to organize and administer the activities of a construction team. They figure out the budget estimates and establish schedules and milestones to lead a construction projection from start to finish. A university degree in civil engineering or a college diploma in construction technology is necessary. You’ll also need to work your way up in the construction industry to enter management level.

Top 05 job in Canada 2016 - public-administration-director

5/ Public Administration Director

  1. Median Salary: $ 101,920
  2. Salary Growth (2009–2015): +23%
  3. Total Employees: 17,900
  4. Change in Employees (2009–2015): +6%

These government workers are directors of large branches of the civil service—bodies like Elections Canada, administrators in the House of Commons and clerks in the Legislative Assembly. They take part in the development of government policies and programs, and organize committees to plan and evaluate government projects.

Top 4 job in Canada 2016 - Pilot

4/ Pilots & Flight Instructors

  1. Median Salary: $ 79,997
  2. Salary Growth (2009–2015): +28%
  3. Total Employees: 15,100
  4. Change in Employees (2009–2015): +5%

Air pilots provide a variety of services from air transportation to crop spraying, aerial surveying and bush flying. Flight engineers, who handle inspection, troubleshooting and maintenance of aircraft, are also included in this category. Pilots must be licenced to fly specific types of aircraft and flight engineers need a license issued by Transport Canada. Be aware: although many people apply to flying schools, very few get in.

Top 03 job in Canada 2016 - pharmacist

3/ Pharmacist

  1. Median Salary: $99,840
  2. Salary Growth (2009–2015): +9%
  3. Total Employees: 32,300
  4. Change in Employees (2009–2015): +38%

The number of pharmacists grew sharply in recent years as the proportion of seniors in Canada’s population continue to increase. The demand for pharmacists working in hospitals and community pharmacies is high, and will persist over the next few years. A bachelor of science degree in pharmacy and practical training under a working pharmacist are a must to land a job. Additionally, you’ll need a licence issued at the provincial level.

Top 02 job in Canada 2016 - Urban-planner

2/ Urban Planner

  1. Median Salary: $85,010
  2. Salary Growth (2009–2015): +15%
  3. Total Employees: 10,500
  4. Change in Employees (2009–2015): +30%

Urban planners prepare and carry out land development concepts for governments, real estate developers and consulting companies. They work with a wide variety of people in their jobs, including social scientists, lawyers, regional authorities and special interest groups in the development of land use proposals, and are responsible for coordinating the work of urban planning technicians once a proposal’s approved.

Top 01 in Canada 2016 -mining-forestry-manager

1/ Mining & Forestry Manager

  1. Median Salary: $104,000
  2. Salary Growth (2009–2015): +19%
  3. Total Employees: 11,700
  4. Change in Employees (2009–2015): +44%

This group of managers work in Canada’s natural resources sector, overseeing the operations of facilities like mines, lumber mills and fisheries. Some of their days are spent outdoors inspecting ground operations. Their main goal is to make sure production quotas are met and the site is adequately staffed and equipped. They are also responsible for hiring and training new personnel and reporting progress to senior management.

Source: Canadian Business

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